Project objectives

The specific objectives of the project are as follows:

  1. To develop a methodology for problem-based teaching and corresponding assessment methods suitable for use in pandemic conditions, and put them into context of modern learning theories;
  2. To develop methodology for teacher training that facilitates adoption of the new teaching and assessment practice;
  3. To develop digital teaching and learning materials in the selected areas of ICT based on the above approach.


Four intellectual outputs will be achieved through the project activities:

  1. Digital resources will be created for teacher training that facilitate understanding and practical implementation of problem-based teaching and assessment techniques suitable for pandemic conditions. Although this methodology is applied here on the example of selected ICT courses, it is pretty general and can be successfully applied in any higher educational area.
  2. Digital resources will be created in educating teachers for acquiring new skills related to the problem-based methodology. Detailed schedules, presentations and recorded movies will be accessed at the project website.
  3. Digital teaching resources will be created in selected areas of ICT, applicable for a group of problem-based courses. At least eight courses at undergraduate level will be modernized and adapted for project-based teaching. Some of the courses are as follows: Electrical Circuits (Basics of Electrical/Electronic Engineering), Internet of Things (Communication Technologies), Advanced Mobile Communication Networks, Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0, Smart Grid and Renewable Energy, Laboratory Practicum, Networks and Protocols, and Information Theory. The courses will be organized and provided according to the project-based methodology. The courses will be selected in a way that similar courses exist in all partner universities. The introduction-to-lecture movies, multimedia teaching presentations, project statements, lab exercises and online exam tests will be created.
  4. The multimedia interactive books will be prepared and published with the aim to enable students to follow online lectures and prepare exams under pandemic conditions. A handbook for „Measurements in Telecommunications“ will be elaborated and presented. This book will be used at BUT for Instrumentation & Measurements courses and at UNI for Laboratory Practicum. An Electrical Circuits exercises student script mainly connected with industrial and useful practice will be elaborated. A textbook for Advanced Mobile Communication Networks will be prepared for primarily using at UR, but will be also useful for students at UNI. Collection of students’ lab projects sharing best practices within partner universities will be edited. At the beginning of the book, we will write a short description related to work in the lab, presentation of lab work results, preparing a report, etc.